4 Things I Did Yesterday Instead of Working on my Camping Blog Post

My husband and I went camping last weekend. I thought for sure I would have lots of great material to write with, but my emotional support dog past away the day before the trip, so I spent most of the trip in a daze.

I still promised at least one post on my camping experience, so I’ve been thinking about different post ideas.

Yesterday was a good day. I cleaned, moved things around, lounged, but I didn’t write the camping blog post I’ve been promising. I did come up with two ideas though. One is a post about how camping strengthens our relationship, and how my disability affects us since my husband is a Neurotypical. The second post is a fun list about boring camping activities and how to make them fun. I’m confident I can sell that post, so when that happens eventually I’ll link it to my contracted work page. As soon as I know if it won’t sell I’ll post it to the site 😊

Here’s a list of 4 things I did yesterday instead of working on those posts:


Organized the Bedroom

We recently bought a punching bag stand, and I reorganized how it was standing in the room. I also piled things based on usage, what’s being given away and what were keeping. Everything we’re keeping I’ve been throwing in the closet, which I’d planned to organize that today. So far I’ve been writing instead.

We’re trying to downsize, we’re looking to buy a house soon and we don’t want to have extra clutter. And with all the moving and consolidating I did yesterday:


I stood just like that, only Will Ferrell was my cat because my husband was at work


Watched Sherlock Season 4

Highly recommend. It was a good watch. Moffat has this very particular type of writing, and he needs to make Cumberbatch stop saying that “THIS (whatever it is) is the most DANGEROUS thing [they] have EVER done,” because it’s getting old. It’s true, but c’mon Moffat, you have the capacity to be more creative than that. The smack use is a little overkill again, but I get it, Sherlock has problems. It makes sense that they would reappear that way, because they do with people. Mycroft’s secrets were out of left field and oh, how the psychosis was brilliant. All of them. I love imperfect characters.




Ate S’mores

I was doing the layout for the boring camping activities before realizing I was just listing things we did and eating s’mores was fun not boring, and it made me want some. I took a handful of marshmallows and put them on a paper plate, then I lit the pile on fire and ate the tops ones. There wasn’t much to this one, but getting the marshmallows together was a little bit sticky. Plus it turned out later I ate from the expired bag, but I feel fine so whatever.

download (1)

I did this scene with my cat too.


Organized the Bedroom Some More

Our apartment flooded last week, so we had clothes and junk everywhere. I moved all the clothes to one quarter of the room, regardless of what is was or why they were separated (only if it was dirty or going to be given away) and it helped me out as far as space, and with all the extra room to work with I could put more things in boxes and shift them around to the closet, which still remains a problem for Future Arianne.


As you can see it was a productive day despite my dilly-dallying. I have two posts in my contracted folder and I’m waiting for one more to go live so I can put the link in my contracted work page. I’m working on a Maggie painting that I think is going to come out good. It’s not going to be for sale, but I want to post it as an example of what I can do. I’m excited about having a little corner of the internet just for me.

Keep an eye out for a couple of new posts this week, and click here to read more about my problems with being distracted 🙂


UPDATE: Finished the painting 🙂


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