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I’m Arianne. I’m a person with autism. So many stigmas exist today surrounding autism, and with awareness at an all time high, it’s important for our voices to be heard.

Pictured: Me shooting down stereotypes

I write as both a patient with a disability and an insurance collector for a provider. Because I can see both sides of the coin, I want to educate patients about what benefits they aren’t taking advantage of. I want to share my work with others, in the hopes they benefit from what I’ve learned with my alternate perspective, and work with providers for patient advocacy.

But this blog and site isn’t just about them. It’s also about me. I want to get better at expressing myself and connecting with others.  It’s important to realize that for me, thinking is easy, but feeling and expressing… it’s work. I want people to understand this about me before they work with me.




Arianneswork is my work, and my work is an expression of who I am.




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