Here is a list of grants, directories, websites, fidgets, essays, and books that I enjoy and consider resourceful. There are many different ways to find help online.

Asking autistic adults is a great way to talk to others who might be or might have been in your situation, or are better apt to understand how to help autistic children. Common places to find like-minded people would be Facebook groups and Twitter tags (#AutDHD, #ActuallyAutistic, #AllAutistics, #AskingAutistics, #OpenlyAutistic, etc.)

Here are other resources I’ve found helpful:

Big Autistic Resource Guide from Mom on the Spectrum (2022) (Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network) (Autistic Self-Advocacy Network)

Autism Research Institute: 866-366-3361

American Autism Association: 877-654-GIVE (information on how to get an abortion) (San Antonio local programs for goods, food, health, housing, legal, etc.) (not just caring for seniors, this is a good guide) (again not just for seniors) (again, autistic people can be seniors and sexual health education is important)

How to spot the signs of dyslexia and support your teen with their studies