ode to oceans (poem)

how beautiful the surface of the monsterful majesty
capable of ravage destruction
capable of travesty
capable of tremendous construction
capable of amnesty

how terrible the storm when the winds whip rapidly
push and shove fericiously
pull and heave aggressively
attacks from all sides and surrounded
completely unbalanced and completely ungrounded

how completely the tides alter
from overtaking to embracing
from an angry tyrant to a caring father
the ocean captures what it doesn’t want gone
and gently nudges what doesn’t belong

how lovingly it cares for the life that it holds
manifesting beauty in colors so bold
in gorgeous guises of coral reef molds
and the darkest cavities with magnificent gravity
lay uncertainty in infinite sublimity

how beautiful the reality of this monsterful majesty
even when the storm whips rapidly
after the tides move speedliy
especially sea life and its regality
how beautiful the ocean is, in it’s glorious totality

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