My name is Arianne Garcia. I’m an autistic writer, editor, speaker, and independent researcher/scholar based in San Antonio, Texas.

I’ve written about being late-diagnosed autistic since I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist in 2016.

I’m an Editorial Board Member for Stairway to STEM, a website resource for autistic students/students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college.

My scholarly research focuses on the intersection of disability, gender and race, specifically regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Latinx community.

I have knowledge of WordPress, Slack, Google Analytics, Zoom, Skype Business, Hootsuite, and basic HTML. Highly proficient in social media skills.

In the Healthcare industry, I am a proficient reimbursement specialist and claims analyst for multiple areas of medicine, in- and out- of-network. My keen eye can see details within the big picture that will affect the long-term bottom line. I believe in Value-Based Care and Medicare-For-All.

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